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RealTescil; It was established in Istanbul in 2020 in order to meet the individual or corporate needs of individuals and institutions, to make internet services and technology accessible to everyone, to serve with the most up-to-date technology by giving the necessary importance to network and infrastructure investments.

RealTescil, which aims to offer the most accurate solution to the personal needs of its members by determining its product portfolio according to the needs of its members since its establishment, aims to eliminate the lack of knowledge and experience of its members in this field by providing uninterrupted support 24/7/365.

The most important issue for RealTescil, which has a young and dynamic team, is "customer satisfaction" and aims to provide the latest and latest technology to its members at the most affordable prices. Hosting.com.tr, which determines its investments and price policies in the most optimum way without sacrificing quality, is extremely prepared for possible crises and unwanted situations with its redundant network and server infrastructure. RealTescil, which has multiple action plans for possible unwanted and crisis moments, promises uninterrupted service to its customers.

Our Mission

At RealTescil, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything. In this context, we are working to ensure that the services we offer meet the needs of our customers and that our customers reach the best service. It is a part of our mission to expand the content of our services, to add extra value to our customers with the services we offer, to produce the fastest solutions with our support at the points needed after sales and to give confidence to our customers, to integrate the constantly developing sector and world standards into our services.

Our Technical Infrastructure

RealTescil prioritizes high performance and security in all its services. By closely following today's technology, RealTescil always keeps its technical equipment up-to-date. Our services are constantly monitored in order to detect and fix problems. We describe our infrastructure section by section below:

Network Infrastructure

We provide all our services through our own cabinets located in Radore Data Center. All servers we serve are directly connected to the Turk Telekom backbone from Turkey. Thanks to our secure and fast internet connection, your sites are accessed in the fastest way possible from home and abroad.

In our network infrastructure, we use Juniper branded network equipment that provides high reliability and accessibility. Each server is connected to our network infrastructure with a 1Gbit port.

Hardware Infrastructure

RealTescil has selected all server infrastructure from real server hardware. We use branded hardware that can meet the needs of your services and sites.

We host our services on DELL, HP and SuperMicro brand rack type servers in special cabinets that provide maximum cooling with a direct cabinet cooling system raised from the ground.

Software Infrastructure

RealTescil prefers CentOS, LiteSpeed Web Software and the world's most preferred cPanel/WHM Control Panel on Linux-based servers; Windows 2019 Server operating system and PLESK control panel on Windows-based servers.